If you find yourself spinning out on Zwift with hard efforts or sprints there is a way to increase the resistance on your KICKR so you don’t get spun out. Which is especially easy if you are on CX/Gravel Gearing. There is an option to straight increase the resistance but I have never gotten it to work. This is my workaround:

  1. Open up the Wahoo App on your phone.

2. Have your phone pair to your KICKR and hit START WORKOUT.

3. Swipe right about 5 times till you see KICKR Level page.

4. Select “sim” page.

5. On “Wind Speed (mph)” Go up to whatever you need to get enough resistance. On I 46t I need about 13mph.

And that’s how I do it. When you jump the resistance is there but kind gives a little so it isn’t perfect but works well enough for me. Wish the “KICKR Level” page worked, but for me it does nothing.